Business Photography for  company's

Business photography is becoming increasingly important for companies. A meaningful and representative presentation to the outside is ultimately decisive for every company. Strengthen the positive impression of your customers with photos that transport all essential company-relevant aspects.


With the right look for details and the whole whole, I photograph your company effectively, produce exactly the images that your company represents in all its facets to the outside. I make your products and services according to your wishes and show you and your company that you are perceived as a competent and trustworthy contact person. First, we will discuss their requirements and their possibilities. Afterwards, I take the recordings with you on site - or if necessary, in my photo studio. And equally important for perfect photos is the subsequent digital image processing. I optimize the material for further use in the appropriate media.


Due to my many years of experience at many hierarchical levels in large companies, I know the requirements and needs of my commercial customers very precisely and offer you the tailor-made solution for your job. I am constantly being asked by small and medium-sized companies to create complete photographic solutions for websites of their companies (for example, indoor and outdoor photography of buildings, personal photographs of employees, product photography in the studio, retouching etc.). I can put myself very well into their demands on their photographic product and realize a creative photographic solution according to their wishes.

Architectural photography

It is very fascinating how buildings or facilities work in the right light. What was the inspiration of the architect, how he used light and shadow, with which form language he works. All this is a good architectural photo. The photos can be made from largely unprocessed to the trendy b / w look. A good Interieoto photo reproduces moods in particular - and draws the viewer's spell.

Interior photography

Product photography

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The architecture photograph deals with the photographic depiction of architecture. In the design and planning phase, this includes the photography of models for the presentation of the planned construction project. In the execution phase the construction process of a building on the construction site is documented. After completion, the building is documented in its current state. Architecture can also be interpreted by photographers


The architecture photo is, together with the object photography, one of the most technically demanding areas of photography. In architectural photography, the mastery of technology is important. Essential is the avoidance of visual effects such as falling lines, distortions and observing the correct perspective. As buildings are often very large, wide-angle lenses are used. These are often characterized by imaging errors, which must be compensated in the image processing. In addition, it is generally necessary to work with suitable ambient light. Therefore, work with a tripod is unavoidable. And the time is right, and the buildings are photographed. This includes, of course, an environmental analysis in order to elaborate the perfect lighting situation before recording.


While documentary architectural photography is primarily a technical challenge, the photographic interpretation of a building is both a technical and a creative challenge.


In addition to technically impeccable implementation, you will also get the artistic interpretation through elaboration and implementation of the optimal lighting situation by means of comprehensive data and forecast analyzes (weather, light, environment, viewpoints). I make their recordings at different times of the day, so that you get the best view of your building. Gladly I mix also existing light and artificial light, in order to make the pictures lively and meaningful.


Interior photography also has a comparable claim to technology, lighting and artistic requirements. In addition, an illumination with artificial light sources is added to the claim. The light has to be set in such a way that a natural impression is produced.