Product and subject photography

A fascinating subject that appeals to the tinkerer in me. A good and meaningful product photo usually requires some time and imagination until the light and the picture reflect what the customer wants as a target position.


It does not matter whether it is an exempt product recording or staging, whether it is for B2B customers or for the end user, for an online shop or as a print for a catalog:

An image is and remains the communication means No.1.

I create my Studio in Weimar the pictures you need to convey your product to your customers. Before I start with the shooting, we clarify your requirements and ideas regarding your product in detail in order to work out everything that makes up their product. Is it a technical, objective picture or do you want to transport emotions? Can it be something special? Something completely different? Colorful, dark or light?


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It is impossible to imagine life in our lives. Detailed photos in catalogs and online shops are just one side. Technical subjects for industry and business a different and even modern science and research could no longer do without special subject-matter recordings.


In the case of subject photography, especially if it is a part of a series of photographs that could actually be classified as industrial photography, the informative content of the recording is at the forefront. For product advertisements for advertisements such as catalogs or sales advertisements, the informative content of a recording is very high on the list of priorities.


Similar to technical subject photography, a picture should also provide the viewer with clear information about the shape and color, the structure of the surface and its properties as well as about technical details and possibilities of use. However, this often involves linking technical and emotional aspects to the customer group. This also translates quickly into the advertising photo, in which emotional aspects are even more important, so that the customer optimally identifies with the product.